About Us

At Cobra Security Limited we Strongly believe in your Security. Find out about our Mission, Vision, how we work and the Team.


Intruder Alarms

You can purchase peace of mind from Cobra Security in the form of our latest range of intruder alarm systems.


CCTV Systems

Invest in a proper site surveillance for your high value valuables at the home or office,reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.


Welcome to Cobra Security

As one of the leading security companies in Kenya, Cobra Security brings you a complete range of security services delivered by a team of highly motivated, fully licensed and vetted security professionals who provide the foremost in security, confidentiality and peace of mind. 


We have built our reputation on many years of experience and understanding within the security industry and work with you to provide a flexible, bespoke security package to meet your needs.  Our comprehensive security service is custom-built to work for you and tailor made to your requirements and your budget.


As a KSIA-accredited company, Cobra Security offers both short and long-term security guarding services.  Whether uniformed or plainclothes, we help deter security threats and protect your people and assets.  By using innovative technology and the utmost in customer care, we guarantee our customers receive highly effective and visible protection at all times.


Maintaining a loyal client base within Kenya, Cobra Security is protecting corporate office buildings, industrial and manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail shopping centres, residential gated communities, hospitals, as well as private individuals.  Our officers are trained to be prepared to handle any situation and our KSIA-approved status brings our clients complete confidence in the services we provide.


Cobra Security is passionate about building close, long-term relationships with all our customers whether you are employing our services for a year or a month.  We provide quality, cost-effective protection for your people, products and property 24/7.