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At Cobra Security Limited we Strongly believe in your Security. Find out about our Mission, Vision, how we work and the Team.


Intruder Alarms

You can purchase peace of mind from Cobra Security in the form of our latest range of intruder alarm systems.


CCTV Systems

Invest in a proper site surveillance for your high value valuables at the home or office,reinforces the effectiveness when attempting to prevent crimes.



Whether you require guards for residential security or commercial security, Cobra Security offers a tailored service to meet your individual requirements.

We maintain an extremely detailed hiring procedure for all security officers. Background checks which includes verification of previous employment, educational level, home address and other credentials are carried out. A Certificate of Good Conduct from the Criminal Investigation Department is a prerequisite for employment.

Cobra Security will work with you to provide a range of options that are flexible so as to ensure all your security needs are covered. 

Cobra Security provides layered protection with the use of a 24-hour Controller and Mobile Patrol units in addition to our on-site security officers. Our various levels of protection ensure that each officer has the back-up protection that he/she needs, and that each property is safely guarded for the specified shift.

So why not let us take care of your guarding security needs? Call us today for a free quote, or speak to our friendly customer team who will be happy to provide you with more information.

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