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The ever expanding corporate business world brings with it security issues, we at Cobra security are more than dedicated to offer the most dedicated, customer focused and professional security services that befit the stature of our corporate customers.


A hospital presents its own unique set of security challenges. More than any other type of institution, a hospital must convey a sense of safety and security.

It is for this reason that Cobra security will continually endeavor to provide the best security services possible to our hospital customers.


Guards have a crucial role to play in ensuring the safety and security of the residents within any gated community.

Cobra Security provides a robust team of professionally trained guards to do patrols within the estate during the day and at night.


Among our most respected and liked customers are schools, cobra Security understands that when guarding schools it is not just about the buildings and the equipments, the most important tools of nation building i.e. the student population, must be properly guarded and taken care of at all times.

Over the years, Cobra Security has provided security to all levels of schools, for example kindergarten, primary schools, secondary schools, universities and colleges. This shows the level of professionalism that we input to our guards during training so as to be able to cater for all the different groups of students.


Cobra Security also offers security services to churches, in parts of the country.


Cobra Security offers private security solutions for manufacturing and industrial properties throughout the country. We secure and protect these types of facilities and warehouses from a wide variety of threats using custom-designed security plans and trustworthy, knowledgeable staff.

Best of all, our high quality security services are provided at unbeatable prices in the security market. Regardless of your company’s size and risk profile, we will assess its security needs and devise a bespoke solution to match.



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