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Recruitment & Training

We at Cobra Security Limited believe in investing in our clients and putting their needs our precedence. We hire highly qualified, flexible and disciplined guards who understand the needs of the clients. The guard recruitment is of utmost importance, the guards being the foundation of the company and our corporate identity.

Recruitment is done at least once a month to stock our guarding base to ensure constant supply of guards and incase of large impromptu orders.
A rigorous recruitment interview is done both physical and mental to ensure perfect fitness. Only the strong, loyal, disciplined and intelligent guards are selected. A certificate of good conduct is required and when possible a valid driving license incase a guard is called upon to fill in as driver.
Our guards are fluent in both English and Kiswahili and are trained on good professional ethics, personal etiquettes and public relations. Our guards also have knowledge on fire fighting and first aid. Cobra Security has a proffessionally trained labor force that is discplined and committed to quality service delivery.


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