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Our Services

Guarding Services
Being a service oriented company, we at Cobra Security Limited offer the following security services diligently and effectively:

  • Special guard force security and management and consultancy - we offer consultancy services in terms of security and security gadgets.
  • Guard force training programs We train guards who are then dispatched to their assignments. This ensures that they know exactly what to do in any situation when called upon to.
  • Commercial, industrial and professional protection, we also offer security services to residential homes, commercial buildings, office suites, and residential blocks among others.

Dog Patrol
For every security operation, a well trained and properly handled dog is one of the best deterrents. We at Cobra Security have breeding programs to raise our own German shepherd and Rotwellers. Our guards are also trained on how to handle the dogs and utilize them in case of any incident.

Security Survey Audit
We offer security surveys for clients in home or business premises so as to uncover the degree of security needed. With the findings we are then able to recommend the number of guards needed and how they should be positioned on the ground.

Private Investigations
Incase of an incident like burglary we offer follow up and investigation services on the incident.

Escort Services
We offer escort services for money and valuables as well as personal escorts.

Alarm back up systems
We install alarm back up systems which our clients can use to alert us incase of any dangers. Our response teams are always vigilant and ready to respond in such cases.

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